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A New Standard for
Needle-free Blood Collection.

Explore The Revolutionary Ally™ Device Today.

Ally Device

A New Era
of Care.

The Ally provides relief from the repetitive blood sample needle sticks that are typical of inpatient hospital stays.

Blood Draw


Seamlessly attaching to PIV catheters placed in hand, forearm, and antecubital sites, Ally connects to the catheter using the traditional methods used when connecting fluids or medications to an IV.

How will The Ally benefit areas of your hospital.

hospital patient

ICU Patients

  • Pitting edema common - difficult draw

  • Central Lines no longer draw

  • IV doesn't draw or have medication needs as priority

  • Often takes significantly higher amount of time for phlebotomists to collect blood

Hospital patient sign

Pediatric Patients

  • Far smaller vascular then adults

  • Prone to collapsing veins and hematomas

  • Heightened fear and difficulty with blood draws

  • Often requires more than one person to hold infant or peds patients


Neuro ICU Patient

  • Often very difficult draws due to immobility

  • Patient can be heavily disoriented requiring additional time and assistance

  • Often long stay patients w/mulitple venipuncture's and greater hematoma occurrences limiting sites for IV and blood draw

blood draw

Heparin Therapy

  • Patients prescribed heparin therapy require far more frequent blood draws

  • Often don't like drawing from the IV with heparin medication due to higher concentration of anticoag in blood site

  • Higher propensity to hematoma's due to venipuncture


Patient & Staff Dissatisfaction

  • Decreasing venipuncture requirements for patients

  • Decreases occurrences of hemolysis and redraws

  • Decreases necessity for high volume of phlebotomist staff

  • Decreases instances of "dirty" needle sticks for staff




Patrick Eggen


How was learning to use the Ally device for you?

"I was able to easily use the Ally after a brief demonstration and I was comfortable with the use of the device after just one draw."

In your opinion, how will Ally affect patient experience?

"This will be a better option for the patient due to the decreased need for venipuncture. It also allows for more control of timed labs, which is often difficult due to the unavailability of the phlebotomy staff for timed labs."

How do you see Ally changing your practice habits
going forward?

"I believe that it will improve patient care due to more control over the timelines of draws. I also feel that this will reduce the reliance on the phlebotomy department in times of staffing shortages as well as the ease of training of ancillary staff for use of this device."


"We have been loving the Ally device, they have been working perfectly. This morning I drew blood easily using the Ally – no hemolysis, no discomfort, the participant was happy to not need another two pokes, and my study coordinator was excited they didn’t need to replace the IV again."

Ariel Castro, RN

Ally Device clear backround

Fixing the Issues,

Keeping the Practices.

  • The Ally was crafted to enhance blood draw practices without having to greatly alter the methods that practitioners know and are comfortable with.

  • Ally overcomes complicated vein structures without having the collection tube bend or break. Through a patented design, Ally’s reinforced internal tubing protects the structure of the tube so that bumping into vein walls won't cause the device to lose its functional abilities.

  • Collecting blood through The Ally helps us avoid the discomfort of blood draws, the danger of blood draws and offers top quality samples and reliability.

Needle-free. Reliable.

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