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Avia Vascular is the manufacturer of The Ally™ blood collection device, a needle-free alternative to enhance the patient experience, improve outcomes, and reduce overall provider costs.

Challenges in blood collection are problems worth solving:

Blood draws are among the most common invasive medical procedures performed today and are critical to patient care. Traditional methods for obtaining blood samples through venipuncture, or attempting to draw directly from an indwelling catheter, present problems with important implications.

Problems with Traditional Methods
  • Patient pain

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Multiple needle sticks

  • Venous depletion

  • Needle stick injury

  • Hemolysis, contamination, insufficient volume

  • Need for redraws

  • Infection (w/central line draws)

  • Delays in patient therapy

  • Overloaded healthcare workers

  • Increased provider costs

Ally Device Being Used

With 400-500 million inpatient blood draws performed annually in the U.S., challenges in blood collection are among the most prevalent in healthcare. 

Health consultation
Focusing on the patient.

Ally’s needle-free design eliminates pain and fear associated with needlesticks, greatly improving the patient experience, all while providing reliable blood collection.

  • Blood draws from PIV catheters are generally discouraged, and venipuncture is predominant.

  • As much as 1 in 4 adults, and 2 in 3 children, may suffer from severe needle phobia.

  • Needlesticks are often required with each collection procedure equating to multiple needlesticks per day. This can create a stress and pain filled hospital experience for patients.

Focusing on the provider.
  • Providers are at risk when utilizing sharps devices, with over 1,000 needlestick injuries occurring each day in the U.S.

  • As many as 1 in 3 patients are considered difficult IV access, presenting a greater challenge to collect blood with venipuncture.

  • Problems with sample collection and the need for redraws delay patient therapy and can overload healthcare professionals.

  • Providers do not want to cause patient discomfort when it can be avoided.

Friendly Young Doctor

The Ally™ has the potential to improve the provider experience by:

  • Simplifying the blood collection procedure.

  • Reducing the risk for needlestick injury.

  • Improving patient/provider interactions.

  • Providing quality samples for analysis, allowing the provider to progress with appropriate therapies.  

Ally Device
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