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AVIA Vascular's Innovations in Blood Draw Procedures:

Creating a better Experience for Patients and Providers

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If you're someone who experiences anxiety or discomfort when getting blood drawn, AVIA Vascular has revolutionized the blood draw experience with your comfort in mind.

Our innovative products and techniques ensure a seamless blood draw procedure, providing a better experience for both patients and healthcare providers.

Here are some of the ways AVIA Vascular
is making blood draw procedures more comfortable.

Needle Free Avia Product


For patients who experience anxiety or discomfort with venipuncture, AVIA Vascular offers needle-free blood draw devices. The Ally device attaches to an existing PIV catheter allowing a practitioner to access the patient's blood without requiring additional needlesticks or other invasive blood collection procedures.

Access Via PIV Catheter.

A Peripheral Intravenous (PIV) catheter is a flexible tube inserted into a vein for medical purposes. Primarily, a PIV catheter provides access to the blood stream for the purpose of infusing medications. Although generally indicated for blood collection, PIV catheters frequently present challenges with sample quality and often struggle to return blood.

Access Via PIV Catheter
Ally Compatibility


The Ally comes in 20- and 22-gauge sizes, compatible with leading PIV catheters and blood collection accessories, allowing healthcare providers their choice of the best device for each patient's specific needs. The Ally is compatible with PIV catheters 22-gauge and larger.


AVIA Vascular’s products feature patented technology to help practitioners navigate veins presenting tortuous pathways commonly found in standard PIV catheter insertion locations. The Ally is designed with reinforcements that support the collection tube while advancing through a PIV catheter, minimizing the chance of kinking during use. This unique design and process ensure a blood draw procedure that is sure to impress.

Ally Vascular Technology
Women Happy With Procedure Optimization

Procedure Optimization.

Blood collection with Ally is quick and efficient, minimizing the discomfort experienced by patients.

Removing NeedleStick Harms.

AVIA Vascular's products and techniques minimize pain and discomfort, and completely remove the risks for harms associated with the use of needles including bleeding, bruising, nerve damage, and others

Girl Happy With Needle-free Procedure

In Conclusion.

AVIA Vascular's innovative products and techniques are designed to improve the experience of both patient and provider during blood collection procedures. By providing needle-free blood collection devices that are compatible with the products and procedures that are known by providers, AVIA Vascular is revolutionizing the blood draw experience.

Ally Device
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